Boutique Portraits are something that REALLY excite us! :)

This is our opportunity to get into a school, make connections with the precious little people there, and capture those connections to preserve a slice of time in their lives when these moments are fleeting fast before our very eyes. As these children grow and we come back year after year, our clients will build wall galleries over time documenting their portrait sessions.

We make the most of the few moments we have with each child by making them laugh, or meeting them where they are, showcasing their big personalities. That is why we will allow parents to have several photo choices in the gallery online for these boutique portraits. Because they can't be summed up in one single shot, and we know the parents love to have a small variety of options to pick their favorites. It is a fun way to make a mini portrait session available to a larger group. Please reach out to find out more about our Boutique Portraits and ask any questions that you may have.