About Alison

"Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work." -C.S. Lewis

Alison is a fine art portrait photographer, who began her photography career 15 years ago after falling in love with photography in high school. Working in the darkroom became a passion, that evolved into a career. Alison obtained a Photographic Technology degree from The Southeast Center for Photographic Studies while working at a school portrait studio. After college she quit the studio to work full time under her own business where she specializes in all things portraits! A successful and busy wedding photography career unfolded as she travelled the world. After moving around a little bit, she found herself back home in Central Florida, where she taught photography at the same high school where she originally learned the art.

Alison has two children, Hadley June who is 7 and William Beckett who is 4. She has found her career now evolving around children as much as weddings and she has branched back into her original school portrait photography side of things. She offers a range of services for schools, including traditional yearbook portraits with a more personalized and unique approach, as well as boutique portraits that truly capture the personalities of her subjects.

Finally she offers discounted family sessions for those students who want to take their photography with her a step further and welcome her to their families.